I have a lot of problems. This is (one of the reasons) why I write. It accelerates the thinking process and helps me figure out my problems. Scientists will be scientists this statement has not been analytically evaluated. What I mean to say is, there is so much uncertainty everywhere, combined (short circuit in the […]

I’m horrified that my psychosis could return at any moment. It’s horrifying. And therefore, I’m not stable, from the tension of not knowing if it’s really gone alone. I’m not stable, I’m not sound, I’m not at peace. Also feeling really guilty at the same time, but fucking people don’t understand that I’m not capable […]

Kratom is my only entertainment. Kratom is the only thing in life that is worth it. Nothing else matters. Mattress. It’s a mattress in disguise. It’s a mattress in disguise, Harry! Get down! I threw up. As usual, quite a bit of volume to it. Also it’s loud, from what my family tells me, and […]

Recovery, Once More

Well, I’m here. I struggled with blogging for so long. It’s not supposed to be hard! It’s a luxury, not a chore. I guess, unless yours is a business–then I could see it being a chore. But, ah, what else is there to say. I’m regaining my sense of normalcy. Like I predicted almost, I […]

Stasis Trap


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Maybe the psychosis will just go away on its own. You know what started it? Pot. I had my first telepathic experience on marijuana, and it was excruciating. I still get spikes of it from time to time. If it IS pot, if I exercise enough the deposits in my fat should burn away. Might […]