I met a girl named Kylea at the local nursery (plants) and I’m drnk now so fuck what it is to you. She was very innocent and I loved her but too innocent for me, much better human than me. Deserved better than me. I won’t get her. So moving on, life is miserable and […]

Be Sure

Who knows. Maybe this morning/nighttime pill regimen for schizoaffective disorder is like, bad. Maybe it’s bad. But maybe it’s good. Maybe it works better this way. I don’t know. It’s hard to believe that a PRN wouldn’t absolutely fucking cure the shit out of SZN. But we avoid that literary issue of it being too […]

I think I found the overarching trait I would want in my partner: humble, yet self-confident. Female bisexual engineer who plays an instrument and exercises. I’d be the male bisexual scientist who plays a sport and writes poetry. Deal? And we’ll fall in love. Deal? <3

You gave me your number. I wanted to call. If I were in tune with my passionate rhythm, in tune with my own love, my own fire and fury, I would’ve called. I would’ve called before the notepad and pen hit the floor. Instead I made up some bullshit excuse like, well, I don’t want […]