I’m going to start tagging my posts, not for any other reason than that I’m a bit lonely. Thank you to–


So anyway.

Delusions in the morning! This morning! That people are attacking me! Wowza. Doesn’t normally happen till around afternoon-evening. So. I wonder if this 1 mg decrease of sisperdal is so nice after all? What a beautiful rhyme.



Jesus fucking Christ.

What a prick.

Still think it’s polite not to refer to other bloggers by name or call anyone out as it were. Possibly in good spirits but I think no one would want me to do that.

Hah. Hah hah. Makes me laugh dryly.

It’s stupid.

The SD card is still undergoing fsck surgery. Very cool tool, fsck. For repairing drive partitions. Very neat. Linux is so smrt.

I don’t know what else to say. I really want to talk about things, but it’s hard when you’re in solitude. More things I’m not allowed to say. It’s tough, being censored like I am.

Ah well.

Sorry for the short post.

More later.