Oof, feelings, so pain, much ouwhch

I am really worried about my serious lack of progress in my career lately. I am to be studying for a career in data science and have made minuscule progress over the last few weeks. Things should move. Quickly. All work environments always say they are fast-paced. If I am not, I won’t fit in, […]

Plans: PhD (2nd try!) in Mental Illness Neuroscience Molecular Diagnostics, and Associated Issues for Family for the Next Decade?

I have no IP privacy concerns because I have no IP yet about saying that I will be looking into joining a PhD lab or getting a PhD at a lab rather in molecular diagnostics or molecular imaging or neuroscience or something along those lines (hopefully something combining the three–of course half of the meat […]


I’m so trapped I have no one to talk to the schizoaffective disorder continues to destroy my life (more accurate than saying “is going to destroy” but also less correct for impulsive emotional reasons–which do count in a state of varjakBaby court of law). Mom’s asleep how much does shee need for work? I want […]

Being mentally ill x not having activities to engage in does not spell instant death, but it is for sure not a good thing. You tend to regress into that evil baseline, that level of stable corruption in your mind that you are used to that does not serve, that destroys you and eats you […]