Oof, feelings, so pain, much ouwhch

I am really worried about my serious lack of progress in my career lately. I am to be studying for a career in data science and have made minuscule progress over the last few weeks. Things should move. Quickly. All work environments always say they are fast-paced. If I am not, I won’t fit in, […]


PLEASE YES keep the cops, keep the FBI. Keep all law enforcement to keep me safe to keep the wackos from hunting me down and assassinating me for being an outspoken voice because law and order is law and order and can help with peace and if we all just get along but we won’t […]

My psychosis is less intense and more predictable, in the evenings now, but also more frequent. Daily. This should make it more manageable with my psychiatrist, but I don’t see him for a month. WHelp. He may recommend some medication adjustments through the messaging system though. I just hope my account wasn’t hacked. I couldn’t […]

To try to explain paranoia what it feels like to someone whos never had it. Its not in your mind. Thats not how it feels. The world is menacing, sneaky, disturbing, violent, threatening. It is in the world around you. Somehow that means its in your brain, but it definitely doesnt feel like a you […]