Being mentally ill x not having activities to engage in does not spell instant death, but it is for sure not a good thing. You tend to regress into that evil baseline, that level of stable corruption in your mind that you are used to that does not serve, that destroys you and eats you […]

Starting Work & Realizing What Needs to Happen to Revolutionize My Life

I suppose, and it doesn’t quite take a rocket scientist to figure this out but it does take a little thinking, that it only takes one person in life to be happy: Yourself. Some feed off a spouse, mutually, live amicably as 2. Some need a family, 3, 4. Some have friends, 5, 6, 7. […]

Update of the day, today, this day, and other days in recent times, possibly the future as well, centered around the tenth of September, the year is 2018 goddamnit.

In the interest of continuing with blog therapy, with keeping this blog as the venting portal after work/school/whatever it is these days, I must say some things. First off, I do not like one of my coworkers at all. He lightened up after he finished some reports or something, data analysis of unannotated data, which […]

You guys I don’t feel very good. Two more days this week but do I have a weekend to look forward to? The answer is no. I don’t have a life. I can’t settle down. I’m shallow, the way I feel. I don’t know how to describe it. There’s no deep meaning or value in […]

You guys I just feel awful. I don’t know what to say. Nothing makes me feel good. Exercise isn’t worth it. What am I supposed to say? What am I supposed to do? I have a job, and I take too many breaks because my stamina is awful and I am bad at doing things […]