Like a Biscuit

I usually only write poetry at but maybe you guys would like to hear what I am up to lately stylistically. So here is a taste: Dumbfounded in Finland My favorite country My favorite accent Dutch The favorite weather he listed on his obituary before he were dead feigned Foreign travel documents to research […]

Trying to Make It Right

I don’t see the problem with talking. There’s a lot of nasty dumbasses on the internet. Even here, on WordPress. I hope you’re not paranoid and thinking I’m talking about you. I really don’t mean to cause any undue consternation. I apologize if I do. Well anyway, it was just talk. I unfollowed a few […]


I’m not sure what to do, except this time, it’s not a total catastrophe. I took 3 namps today. The first namp: No dreams, restful The second namp: Restful; dream: Playing with imaginary words with the brothers, literally laughing in my sleep. The best. The third namp: Restful; dream: contemplating the philosophical underpinnings of medicine […]


Normal girl Sees normal things Has an imagination Get’s lost(!) Time karaoke Some stroke th’ jerky off the stoke off the lovely lad said it twice Roll dice be rough send me your blades I recycle I recycle The end is near no one loves no tough shit just my meandering And the landslide some […]