Normal girl

Sees normal things

Has an imagination

Get’s lost(!)

Time karaoke

Some stroke th’ jerky off the stoke off the lovely lad said it twice

Roll dice be rough send me your blades I recycle I recycle

The end is near no one loves no tough shit just my meandering

And the landslide some say better day could have gone ost on the finite sum

Check, could have been worse no music might have been dead might have been at peace

No entropy check time sum check to be somewhere else

Just hated his heart just jewelry maybe some other otters maybe a lost cause it’s English

Enjoy your blade stroke I lost folk and some maybe stunned maybe lovegunned couldn’t’ve been

Any softer with em I lost the time to say something for the ones still left around…


Haikuew: Dead Lips Spill White Blood

Raped ’til dawn up front

Man’ger crept up on account

Smoke my fish whole now


‘Least You Can Asphyxiate Peacefully When You Focus On It

Wine acridity chips away chemically at

The enamel of my teeth

I listen to the names and they speak words to me

Turns out I was tortured again

This morn’

What the hell?


I’m on the pills that make it livable

They say you still have to live with it

It’s funny how realistic

The betrayal of a loved one can look

When it comes from your own mind

It’s funny how dead the cat can be

When it’s split at the atom and not at the whisker

I’m reminded of uncles I have never known in casinos I

Never vomited in

That guy drowned

That one, car crash

Another, shot in the back by a client

Don’t do business with people is all I can say

And may you live a wholesome life

Alone, ‘least you’ll die in the ‘plane with your head

Down next time


Father, Who Raised Me and Now Doesn’t Know What to Do

He raised me

And all he can say now is, “Get a job”?

Guess how he raised me.

He uttered a single word.

And I don’t know what that word is.


Let’s Burn Some Tinder

That’s how you get the sandwurm to eat you

You hit your vape at meaningful and predictable moments

In your brother’s dreams


Mellowing Out

Ice in the bottom drawer under my bed

Melts slowly so it looks like there is a urine stain on the carpet under the bed but not

On the bed

I am

Not on the bed

Any longer I arise I am about

The length of the duration of the moments I perceive as the day and I mill like industrial gears


From time to time I have a friendly conversation

Then the loneliness kills me

I can’t swim in shallow pools

But if I’m a baby

Drown me


Forgiving the Spider

I don’t know where the last time heard this but

The spider that I pet cried when it showed gentleness

It built a cobweb for me, enrapturing me

And I saw its millions of eyes

Each one seeing me

Millions of me

All in this tiny little insect

Love the spider

It’s just scared and hungry

Sound familiar?


Worth Less

I am worth less

Because I do not work

Writing is a joke hobby

I cannot sit more than a few minutes

At a time

My appetite lies to me

Sometimes I hear traces

Of human voices

Mirroring my thoughts

It doesn’t bother me like it once did

It’s better than it used to be

I am crushed inside

Morale at an all-time low

Now that I am sane enough to

Be aware of it

Naked before the judgement of others

There is No Escape, my mind’s favorite song

Plays on repeat

Cold sweats and changing shirts

Ten times a day

Substitute this drug with that one

Nothing hard, just soft killers

Value is money and I have enough

To last a few years

Then I die a painful death

And I will be out of everyone’s way


Anger Management

Do blankets make me angry?

Am I under the covers with my despair?


I have seen twins touch me when I was young

Through binoculars at the movie


Holy two-eyes

They said I was still a blossom even though I was trampled


In haste they massaged my temple and spat on my wounds

The amylase seemed to de-crust some of the bacteria


Festering on the surface

On the fabric, cool to the touch


The petals seemed to wilt

Where warmth does not make me cool


Where I erupt too soon to see

My blind eyes do not allow me very far


So I sleep with nothing and manage my temper

Lying still, under covers, seeing double and thinking twice



Alien Slut Coffee (Part 2)

In life, slut, that cool shit eats itself. Well? What have you for  yourself say? SlOw DoWn./././././…

I fought. Yes I did. I hope you did too. Upbeat! Yeah! Y’know? Summit? Cough? FffffCradle? Nay. Umm humming. Dope beat. Sup.

Some say! that cousins love each other no matter what. Even if they give each other brain disease. [fast:] how cute

Well no one knows. No one knows when ur naked and when ur not. It’s not the spittle in your chin brow that leaks me down, it’s the market and it’s hiatus and the help from dead ancestors and vice that grope me. I’m the rapist’s toy, slut. I’m here now. Forever hear. Forever foolish. Don’t grope the toys. They love(d) better. Scented. Cake hits and I’m floored.

How cute

Some say…

That when the weather turns pink, fixing things doesn’t work. at all times nonstop with coffee and a rain storm out there out West when it breaks in tune I shimmy shimmy hug~

Break sauce. Break it. Foolish toys. How fearful of biology and kind. In time I shall dominate you, but you don’t know how foolish that sounds! It’s laughable! Hah. It’s jokeable. It’s quaint. It’s senile. Funny devils. Can’t fix this mess.


The air I breath doesn’t settle in my lungs. I keep breathing and I do not understand. This high is not so great like mountains or ravines. This high hits its algo when the meter check hits. This high hits its algo when rain storm __drops__

Dropping balloons on the floor. Meh.