I had these dreams. The first was that this spirit world, not ghosts, but like people, in shamanic garb all of them, but with a scifi dystopia twist on the fashion and style. And everyone, including my now-adult friend from middle school, was in some way a practitioner of magic. What that looks like: Either focus of mental energy, or playing it slow and deceiving others to get by on the streets, or holding a magic spoon or set of keys and being hyper aware through intuition of your environment lest people jump you. It was sort of a dystopia, lots of crime on the streets and so dangerous, so everyone has to look out for themselves, their friends, and their family. But also somehow amidst all this, serene, as everyone seems to possess the skill of some sort of magic, whether it be psychological influence and deception, illusion, or force. I wish I could explain it better. This dream deserves to be turned into a movie. It felt like a good movie. My friend from middle school was  a little fat and slow, so his magic was more influence and deception to survive, less the frontal action force variety. I was taught, and engaged in some fights, and the feeling of being in tune with your intuition, of fully trusting yourself and your instincts, to make snap reactions to people jumping behind you around corners, pointing at them with your magic key ring to nullify them, was so inspiring and empowering. I wish I could trust my instincts like that in real life.



The second dream was I was playing doubles against Todd Martin and getting drowsy and dizzy because of kratom consumption.