Trying to Make It Right

I don’t see the problem with talking. There’s a lot of nasty dumbasses on the internet. Even here, on WordPress. I hope you’re not paranoid and thinking I’m talking about you. I really don’t mean to cause any undue consternation. I apologize if I do. Well anyway, it was just talk. I unfollowed a few […]

Being mentally ill x not having activities to engage in does not spell instant death, but it is for sure not a good thing. You tend to regress into that evil baseline, that level of stable corruption in your mind that you are used to that does not serve, that destroys you and eats you […]

Might seduce your dad type

I’ve been blogging so long, and I’m on twitter for a while, and no one finds me. I find no like-minded individuals. I don’t know why. Everyone’s a prick. Everyone’s soft. Everyone’s into pop and brainless. Everyone’s this or that, but no one contemplates and adores progress. No one is an engineer with a tough […]

Passion, Drugs, Etc.

I’ve come to a realization. To what has been bothering me ever since. Since I cleaned up and started being a prude. I can’t access my emotions. They’re locked away. It’s terrible. I can no longer let out my passion, in words or dance, or tears, or anything. I don’t have access to it. I […]

I guess just write it down?…

People. Okay so just to preface this I am having a psychotic episode. Welcome! New terrain? Not to worry; I shall be your merry guide through the nightmarish landscape. So, now for some descriptions: Everything is facking jumping out at me, there are these voices narrating my thoughts, and there’s this daydream version of reality […]