Donate Blood Be Happy

I donated five dollars to a comedy troupe. It looks like mellow yellow. Broken accidental. Insurance doesn’t mean much. When you know. That the book in the pigeon is up its ass crack and she said Twenty is enough, just be like us.

Who broke now?

No worry. About the confines. Of the next alliteration. Illiterate fools. Can’t read.

You wookie. Stay still. [I’m so tired all the time.]


Cum question?


Sauce. Majorly. She’s cute.


Well just tap your bank account, boner. Who licks the spoon? When? Dirty things say [solid] ground just beneath the dirt is fecal gray. Poor weather. Inclement insurance premiums. Who says now? Is the right time to dig. Well dinosaurs were underground.

Don’t skip your hips.

Death at the fringe beliefs must add value.

Out cow west the worlwide domination is continuing.

Dead rats. Eat your mothers and go your way.