Well, we’re at it again. Another dipshit scientist in training fucking with me out of a dipshit superiority complex and inflamed egomania attitude in lab. He didnt’ want to spill his beaker of water and we kind of were in acollision, but trying not to complete it, so going slowly to get out of it. […]

And here we rest

My company’s documents department emailed me, to conclude a conversation we were having, saying that I should strive to complete all training as soon as possible, not merely before the deadline. I guess they have their reasons. So that reprioritizes things a bit. I should finish some useless training now instead of working on a […]

Starting Work & Realizing What Needs to Happen to Revolutionize My Life

I suppose, and it doesn’t quite take a rocket scientist to figure this out but it does take a little thinking, that it only takes one person in life to be happy: Yourself. Some feed off a spouse, mutually, live amicably as 2. Some need a family, 3, 4. Some have friends, 5, 6, 7. […]