Collective Stupidity: The Non-Simplicity of “Filling Out a Form” for Work

So I’m supposed to be filling out–and let’s get into the nitty gritty of this for once, I want you to see how stupid this all is–a form for my manager. It’s a form. It’s a one page form with a few checkboxes, easy enough, saying I don’t want, among two other options, the Hepatitis […]

I don’t know. This is going to be a lackluster post, just because that’s how I’m feeling: lackluster. Also, I should be studying/working on the game/being productive/reading right now, but I’m just here, updating this/you. Whoop. Sarcastic whoop. I just filled out a reopening request for my unemployment claim, because I forgot to certify for […]

Recovery, Once More

Well, I’m here. I struggled with blogging for so long. It’s not supposed to be hard! It’s a luxury, not a chore. I guess, unless yours is a business–then I could see it being a chore. But, ah, what else is there to say. I’m regaining my sense of normalcy. Like I predicted almost, I […]