I’m horrified that my psychosis could return at any moment. It’s horrifying. And therefore, I’m not stable, from the tension of not knowing if it’s really gone alone. I’m not stable, I’m not sound, I’m not at peace. Also feeling really guilty at the same time, but fucking people don’t understand that I’m not capable […]

I guess just write it down?…

People. Okay so just to preface this I am having a psychotic episode. Welcome! New terrain? Not to worry; I shall be your merry guide through the nightmarish landscape. So, now for some descriptions: Everything is facking jumping out at me, there are these voices narrating my thoughts, and there’s this daydream version of reality […]

I don’t know where those resumes went. I applied to like ten jobs and haven’t heard back from any of them. Cue funny discussion about the theoreticals fantasy-like of what happened to the resumes. My life is mostly misery. I’m unemployed and live with family, so it’s a tragic misery–family doesn’t know what’s wrong. It’s […]