Everyone on Twitch is an evil bitch, including baby brother. I have no remorse saying this. Let’s not get into an argument because I’ma explain. You don’t want an explanation? Cool cool. Fuck you. But why you make it so hard? So what I mean is, They telepathically invade my psyche, And steal my mind. […]

What Can Say!

I slept through a large part of the day after we got home from tennis. Nick wouldn’t understand what I’m doing right now. He’d be, think of the viewers, they haven’t caught up yet. Fuck you, man, I have got things to say I’m saying them. Fuck off. Brother middle at the park and vocally […]

How It Go

I feel like I’m filling into my place in life / my life finally. Getting this job meant the world to me. I’m a contractor, so it’s kind of cool, makes me feel cool. Like I’m an adventurer in life, or something. It’s hard to explain but it’s neat for sure. :) And I’m sooo […]

I find myself, like mostly on twitch, playing into people’s narrow-mindedness and just smoothing over tensions rather than being myself. Like I’ll be extra-positive because most dumbasses don’t like negativity. What do I want to say? I’d just like to be more critical, in general. “Oh that food looks like shit” on a cooking channel. […]

Watching professional MTG on Twitch (and I guess we just drop the “.com”s and “.net”s nowadays?) is like listening to a foreign language that you studied in high school. The speakers are fluent, so it is of course complete gibberish to you, except you can make out the differences between individual words some of the […]